I really like what you've done.
Chris Beauvois
Chris Beauvois
Founder, MechanicalMoon LLC
Berchon’s guide shines. [...] Content is intensely practical.
Make Magazine
Jon Christian
Editor, Make Magazine
A very informative guide on hardware incubators.
Ludovic Copéré
Senior Manager

What's Inside your Guide ?

  • 28 hardware programs detailed

    Highway1, Lemnos Labs, Bolt, InnoCon, Lab IX... They are all in the guide. Along with many you haven't heard of before. Each detailed and compared.

  • Information at a Glance

    This guide is here to save your time. You can read it as a book or as a manual, get all the information you need and come back to it when you need it. It's a tool for action.

  • Analysis and Comparisons

    Programs are compared and analysed. You'll learn who gives the most funding, takes the less equity, lasts the longest time... Information never made available before.

  • Calendars

    One of the big challenge for hardware entrepreneurs: time! Don't miss application deadlines anymore. This guide will tell you exactly when to apply.

  • Tips and Tricks

    Find useful insider mini tips for each program.

This Guide is a Time Saver

It compiles hours of research into an easy-to-read guide.

Use your time building a great product, not gathering information.

"Hardware Incubators, The Guide" is designed to be an efficient tool for busy hardware founders. Look up the map, check the calendars and browse each categories with ease.

  • Each program has its own page
  • Easy to read "At a Glance" section
  • BONUS included: Programs Calendar + Application Deadlines 2015

A word from the Author

Hi, I'm Mathilde Berchon

I started MakingSociety back in 2011 to help makers turning pro. Since then, I met hundreds of hardware founders, attended many events in many countries. I was based in San Francisco, CA, for 4 years and saw the rise of the hardware startup movement first hand.

I am now location independent and change country every month or so. It allows me to meet makers pro around the world and provide valuable and unique information to help the hardware community take shape.

I hope you'll enjoy this guide, which has been 6 months in the making. Please feel free to contact me for any comment or suggestion! I wish you the best.

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